Looking for an Espresso Machine

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My mother-in-law will soon be 75 years old, and we want to give her a nice gift. The last time she came over, she’d expressed several times that she loved the foamy coffee I was offering. Unfortunately, I could not spare her my espresso machine at the time, because we had already spent substantial money on my daughter’s wedding, and we needed a respite. I remember mentioning it to my husband, and he said don’t worry, we will give her one in about six months time.

I could, of course, choose to buy the same model, except that this model espresso machines are no longer available or may be I am not searching the right model number. My daughter asked me to find the best espresso machine reviews, and send them over to her so that she can confirm from her colleagues if they own such machines, and if they have any problems.

That is exactly what I am doing now; reading through so many reviews on different sites, and being forced to decide which of the listed espresso machines is best suited for my mother-in-law. I do need to consider her ability to pull out the parts for washing and pushing them back. She may also forget adding coffee beans because nowadays she is showing signs of Alzheimer’s. I also don’t know if she can remember the instructions. I’d rather she shifted over to our place, but she does not like leaving her village. My husband too is not comfortable at the thought of her living with us. He feels that there will be differences between us as is normal between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. But I think he is afraid that she will be asking him to do many other things, which right now he does not want to undertake. Moreover, he will have to keep moving up and down the village at least once a month, because of his ancestral property out there.

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