Do you read those kitchen knives reviews before buying them?

Long ago, one of my distant relatives told me not to rely on online reviews, because some of them may not be from genuine buyers. I guess she had her reasons to say so, and she even sounded logical. After all, anybody who wanted to malign my merchandise could do so by adding a few negative reviews. Likewise, a business enterprise could ask its employees to add positive reviews about the mediocre product. So I did not read any kitchen knives reviews and ordered this electric knife from one of the lesser known online sellers. The result is that it is now lying neatly packed in one of my shelves, occupying space that I could use for something else. I realized that the handle was not ergonomically designed for me. I also realized that I need to master skills for chopping vegetables and meat with that knife. I am simply too scared to use it.

This experience was the reason I began reading those kitchen knives reviews on Amazon. I learned that the customer’s reviews on this site are essentially from those individuals who bought that product from This is the reason you can find both good and bad reviews there. Even so, I am skeptical if the customer is inclined to write too much about the product or is all praises for it.


But I am glad that I went through those kitchen knives reviews and eventually relied on them. It is a different issue that I spent more monies on lesser known knife sets over a period of 3 to 4 years, knowing fully well which knives set would have been right for me. I was trying to save on a few dollars at the time, and that was not an intelligent thing to do. The reviewer I’d found helpful had mentioned that the knife’s handle was perfectly shaped, and that she has been using knives of that company since the last 30 odd years. Another reviewer had mentioned that she bought the product for her daughter and has been using the knives from the company almost forever. These were the reviews that tilted the balance in favor of the brand but I hesitated when I saw the cost.

My experience with bad knives has taught me that those reviews are there for a good reason, and if you know how to separate wheat from the chaff so to speak, you will be able to find the right products and save yourself more time and monies in the process.

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