About Me

I’m the mom to a two year old (“Z,”) wife to a really great guy (“B”) and a food enthusiast, but I also have a full time job with a long commute. And I’m really into food. I dislike the term “foodie,” but I love to cook, explore new grocery stores and try out new restaurants. My food focus recently has been to make sure that my daughter has a lot of diversity in her diet, and she helps with me with cooking tasks regularly. Dinner has to get on the table every night, and I’m experimenting with different recipes that are quick and tasty, but can also handle a little toddler involvement. I’m hoping that this will lead her to be an adventurous eater, but it is too soon to tell if my plan is working. I love that she asks for seaweed salad and won’t eat chicken nuggets, but I understand that this may just be a phase. So for now, I’m just feeling very lucky.